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All-in-One Employee Engagement

Internal Communication | Online Community | Private Social Network

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Empower Employee Engagement & Culture

Ditch operating different tools for similar needs, and use Intouch for employee engagement and internal communication.

Why use Intouch within your organization?

Lower employee turnover with event management, surveys and live stream.

Improve collaboration with groups, messages and in-app chat.

More employee & member loyalty with culture groups, internal raffles, and social features.  

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Get Everyone in One Place

Use Intouch Engagement Platform to share news, engage teams, strengthen company culture and connect with people everywhere. Allow teams to stay connected and social. And even measure your employee experience effort.

Business Communications intouch engagement platform

Easier Business Communication

Get social by sharing posts and content with the right people at the right time. Communicate with everyone and empower your company culture by providing a private social network. 

Employee Engagement intouch platform

Increased Employee Engagement

Supercharge employee engagement with meaningful conversations that allow everyone to be their authentic self at work. Empower your team by giving them a voice in your culture, and build trust with feedback.

Get Connected Business intouch engagement platform

Connect Remote & Hybrid Teams

Gather your whole team on one platform and see the positive results of creating a community with a unique culture. Measure the engagement rate and see the views and likes. No one is left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-How to motivate my team using intouch engagement?

Intouch is an employee engagement app helping corporates to boost employee morale with the social media habits that their employees are already used to.

It connects all your team members and unlock potential of engaged employees in the same app that helps everyone get social, visible and productive.

2-What kind of benefit does intouch offer communication in the workplace?

Through intouch mobile app, you allow all employees to express themselves comfortably by sharing status, videos, photos, documents, and interact with others within the workplace by creating work groups or social groups. Giving voice to all of your employees builds trust and improves communication and employee relationships in the workplace.

3) How to strengthen employee loyalty with intouch engagement?

With the intouch’s features that support to give and ask feedback, you can increase the loyalty in your workplace by providing an environment for employees to convey their ideas on a more transparent and open platform.

4) How can intouch provide an increase in employee satisfaction?

Intouch was built on the belief that everyone has a voice in the organization, should be visible and thrive. We empower people of all size companies to share and stay updated while building a living culture all together.

You can organize events, create groups, collect feedbacks and improve employee satisfaction with mobile app that fits perfectly their social needs, and people can concentrate on what’s important.